Welcome to The Accidental Mrs.

7 Jul

Enjoying a Husband and Wife courtyard kiss

Welcome to The Accidental Mrs.! My name is Amanda Rodriguez (still weird to get used to after 23 years of being Aviles) and I am a 24 year old newlywed PR gal. I live in Atlanta with my amazing husband (he better be amazing… After all, he’s the reason I ended up a Mrs.) we also have a sweet cat, Posey.

The fact that I am a Mrs. Is not what was so accidental. After all, my hubs and I had a nice, long 14 month engagement… Plenty of time to have gotten the heck out if I wanted to. But I didn’t want to, I was smitten, and I was in love. Of course, it wasn’t supposed to happen that way. I moved to Atlanta straight out of college, the day after graduation, to start a new job. Little did I know that at that job I’d meet the love of my life and accidentally begin a whirlwind relationship that ended up with a ring four months later, and a trip down the aisle the next year.

But everything happens for a reason, and here we are, figuring out newlywed life one day at a time, each day happier than the one before.

So welcome to my blog. You’ll hear lots about me, even more about Mr. R, and you’ll get a nice little kitty fix, too. We love to cook, craft, decorate our house and take trips, and I hope it will all keep you entertained!

Till next time,


The Accidental Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez!



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