DIY Project: Kitchen Chalkboard

14 Jul

Hey yall!

I am so excited to showcase our latest DIY project… a little kitchen decor. I love all the pins and ideas of big chalkboards being incorporated throughout houses, so we knew we needed one for our house! We found the perfect spot in the house for one… on a wall as you walk in to the kitchen. Here’s a picture of the wall in question. Bor-ing! Definitely needed the pick-up.

We also got a late wedding gift to Pottery Barn, so after that, this project only ended up costing $13! Woo hoo! Here’s the link to what we bought. It’s pretty cool. It’s actually part of a whole system, but we just wanted the chalkboard.

Here’s a nice little tool it came with to help us figure out where to put the screws. So helpful!

And Mr. R working hard…

Now, for the after pic. Much better, in my opinion! Installation was a breeze and took us all of 10 minutes to get it up. I am so excited to use our chalkboard for welcome messages when we have parties, dinner menus or reminders. It’s magnetic, too, and came with magnets, chalk and an eraser!

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