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Monograms and Mimosas

28 Jul

Hey yall!

So, I am going to a Monograms and Mimosas bridal shower today (which I think is the cutest idea I have ever heard!) While the hostess was nice enough to include a list of places that monogram with the invitation, I have been worrying about what to get the bride-to-be for weeks! So of course, where do I turn but Pinterest?

In case anyone else is faced with a monogram-gift-dilemma, fear not! I have put together a cheat sheet of my new favorite items! Check them out and let me know what you think!

monogram pitcher like this one is perfect for the couple that loves to entertain. This one will run you $46, but I’m still trying to figure out a way to DIY one.

Love this classy, simply and chic monogram sign via Little Inspiration.

I bet most bridesmaids would LOVE to receive these monogram robes via Memento as a gift from their bride! So cute, and they’ll definitely last a while.

You can get a more modern monogram look with this necklace from Poppy’s Closet.

Let’s give the guys a little love, too. This beer cooler via Party Resources would be a great, personalized gift for him!

You can DIY your monogram like this great bag I found on Pinterest. Make sure you have plenty of time, and maybe even extras if it’s your first time!

And finally, here’s what I ended up with. Hope the lovely bride-to-be will like it!



The Accidental Mrs.


Inspiration Board: Turquoise Love

24 Jul

Hi yall!

So last week I wrote about my favorite color, coral. Read that one here. This week, I put together another inspiration board, with all things turquoise. I love this color, too, and they happen to look fab together!

First- let’s talk about how awesome this Tiffany Blue Laundry Room via Cameras and Chaos is. I would do laundry EVERY day if it was in a room like this!

This teal dress with silver accessories via Polyvore is perfect for a rehearsal dinner, holiday party or wedding. So glamorous!

For the home: Loving this teal and burlap wall hanging, found on Etsy. Rustic, simple, lovely. You’ll see a little later how well this would fit in my house!

Eventually, I must have a high-low dress like this turquoise number- in love! via Pinterest.

Teal becomes the accent color in this dark outfit with a pop of color, via Polyvore.

And finally- a personal touch. Some turquoise touches in our own home!

Guest bathroom

Family room

Hallway wall

Hope you all enjoyed and feel inspired now!

Talk soon,


All Things Coral: Inspiration Board

11 Jul

If you can’t already tell just from one visit to my blog, I LOVE.LOVE.LOVE anything and everything coral. At one point, I mentioned to Mr. R that it was my favorite color “right now” to which he promptly replied that “you can’t just do that, you can’t just have a favorite color right now” (hey- says who?) Well, that made me realize that coral is not just my favorite color right now, it’s my favorite color. Period. So thanks for that enlightening convo, hubs!! (Oh he is going to kill me for all the abbreevs… one of the many reasons he loves me, I’m convinced).

So, below are a few of my favorite coral things… things that inspire me, things that make me happy, things I’d love to one day have/make/incorporate into my home and life!

Check out this goooorgeous Coral wedding on Pinterest. First of all- that cake is awesome. Secondly, so is everything else! Perfectly simple, fresh Spring wedding.

Love these Coral and gold nails via Lovelyish, though I’m not quite sure I could pull them off. Maybe I’ll get brave.

This Coral Summer Outfit via Polyvore is the ultimate casually dressy combo to ensure you stand out, but in an understated way. I love the casual sweater, paired with the fitted, detailed shorts, and topped off with gold accessories. So pretty.

Mmmm how I would love to find a spot in our house for something like this Coral Dresser via Style By Emily Henderson. I’m thinking about my guest room… now the creative juices are flowing!

And finally, this adorable Coral Framed Baby Monogram via AsYouWishPrinting on Etsy has stolen my heart! Maybe for a future Baby R’s nursery?!?

What’s your favorite color, whether “now” or always? What colors inspire you and make you happy?

Talk soon!


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